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Myndful is a Virtual Reality (VR) application-based therapy for people with alcohol problems that combined, CBT, exposure therapy,  heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback, and mindfulness.

Myndful is integrating neurophysiology insights, psychological intervention, biofeedback, and VR technology to train users to manage their "urge to drink" and well-being.

Myndful created a simulation of high-risk situations inside the virtual environment that could trigger the urge to use drugs. Patients will be trained to deal with "high-risk situations" gradually in a step-by-step manner by observing their HRV and brain activity as a consequence of their physiological reactions in real-time. In that way, users would aware of their reaction to stressful or craving-related situations.


Users will be trained to stabilize their HRV and reduce their stress by practicing HRV biofeedback in the stress-release virtual environment. Users can observe the effectiveness of their practice in real-time.

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